Date:Wednesday, 01 de June del 2016 Author:Meritxell Soria

The XIII Congress of the AIFICC (Association d'Infermeria Family i Comunitària de Catalunya), which takes place on 1 and 2 June in Lleida, hosts the presentation UDETMA several communications unit.

On the one hand, the poster "The role of nursing in cardiovascular prevention through arterial ultrasound," presented by the technical team of the study. With the following conclusions:

- Vascular ultrasound is a useful tool in the diagnosis of atheromatous disease.
- The atheromatous disease increases with age and is more prevalent in males.
- The femoral ultrasound diagnosis of subclinical atheroma increases because patients with atherosclerotic plaques only in femoral arteries.
- The management and interpretation of arterial ultrasound of the different territories, charge nurse, is a tool for health education and modify the classic cardiovascular risk factors.

On the other hand, Cristina Farràs, Deputy Care Management Unit in Lleida, presented two papers:

- The Bus de la Salut
- Carotid Ultrasonography in Primary Care