Results of the first year El Bus de la Salut

Date:Tuesday, 22 de December del 2015 Author:Aitor Moreno

65.4% of the 2118 people who have undergone the tests carried out in El Bus de la Salut, from January to September 2015, have found some kind of atheromatous disease, ie, the decrease in caliber arteries by plaques of fat accumulation.However, only twenty people had to be derived from a specialist hospital for severe arterial disease, which means that in most cases these tests are preventive and patients have been referred to the Primary Care Service to monitor the situation and prevent it comes to serious situations.

Tests on el Bus de la Salut are also possible to detect occult renal and vascular diseases, as well as people who had high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol or excess uric acid and did not know.