Two centers in Lleida realize diagnostic tests at early subclinical arterial disease to prevent heart disease

Date:Monday, 24 de October del 2016 Author:Meritxell Soria

Since 2012, professional two primary care centers (CAP) in the area of ​​Lleida, the CAP and Les Borges Blanques Cappont, carry out a consultation of vascular health that also includes control factors traditional risk, the study of the state of the arteries by ultrasound, in order to diagnose early subclinical arterial disease (the presence of fat plaques or plaques) in asymptomatic people with a cardiovascular risk factor (hypertension, obesity, smoking and / or cholesterol). In this time were performed ultrasound of carotid arteries, a non-invasive technique and easy handling in 862 patients between 45 and 65 years.

The patients cited in cardiovascular risk consult their health center. The nursing staff performs the technique, and once made the ultrasound images are interpreted Unit Detection and Treatment of atherothrombotic diseases (UDETMA) of the University Hospital Arnau de Vilanova, from where it is generated a report of findings and recommendations. Depending on the result, nurses reclassifies the risk of the patient suffering a cardiovascular event in the medium term and sets out guidelines, in collaboration with the units of primary care teams of professionals who deal each patient (medical professionals and nursing assigned) to modify the therapeutic approach.

Visited patients, 63% had atherosclerotic plaque in the arteries and, of these, 2.6% had a high cardiovascular risk. Of patients with atherosclerotic plaque, about 70% were smokers and 65% are obese. Measures such as quitting smoking, walk an hour every day, reduce weight, control blood pressure and improve food are the first step must work for patients and nursing staff to reduce this risk and improve the styles of life.

This consultation is part of the Health Plan as a line of transversal work between primary care and hospital. The two centers work together with UDETMA the University Hospital Arnau de Vilanova in Lleida. The model of collaboration between primary care and hospital allows the patient to move, since it promotes the information that is used to travel and visit virtual nursing as a tool work.

It is a model project that is now integrated as a new service in addition to the letter of health centers, with the aim of implementing it go to other CAP. So following this line during 2016 has also incorporated the use of this model to the Primary Care Centre Balaguer.