COMVIH working group

Date:Thursday, 09 de July del 2015 Author:Meritxell Soria

Dr. Elvira Fernandez is part of the working group recently created COMVIH, sponsored by Gilead, focused on the analysis of the relationship of chronic diseases with HIV patients.

This is a group of prestigious health professionals (V. Estrada, J. Marrugat, R. Polo, A. Rivero, M.Á. Von Wichmann, F. Lozano, A. Antela, P.Arazo, J. Blanch C. Duenas Deltoro M. Garcia, E. Fernández, MJ Galindo, JA Girón, H. Knobel, Á. Merchante, E. Negredo, R. Palacios, J. Portilla, J. Sanz, S.Serrano), which so they work together in the study of HIV.

One of his first actions was sending an abstract the 15th European AIDS Conference.