Technologic Innovation

UDETMA works to introduce new products and services adapted to the medical and social needs in order to improve the diagnosis and monitoring of patients services.

Currently, the unit has developed:

UDETMA MetriCA: software of vascular calcification

The MetriCA software allows a semiautomatic metric reading of calcification of the abdominal aorta based on the modified index Kauppila.Rate the presence of calcium in percentages (0 to 100), providing multiple advantages over manual titration as:

  • It improved sensitivity
  • It brings objectivity
  • It decreases reading time
  • It allows the creation of a single historical database
  • It is easy to use and accessible at any hospital computer system
  • It lets compare the evolution
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BP Control: high blod pressure patients

BP Control is an application for hypertensive patients that allows bidirectional communication between the patient and the healthcare professional.

On one hand, this application stimulates and strengthens self-control in hypertensive patients and on other hand, offers a structured information to the healthcare professional. This project has been developed in collaboration with a team of computer scientists at the University of Lleida.

The whole system is based on the European guidelines for the ESC / ESH 2013 risk stratification and management of blood pressure and ensures confidentiality and protection of personal data.


High blood pressure and vascular risk management program

Tool designed to help medical and nursing community in the daily management of consultations with ability to extract data for statistical and research studies.

The objectives are:

  • To give an overview of the patient's history
  • To show the information required by specialty
  • To facilitate the work of professionals
  • To unified format for all professionals
  • To generate an automatic report with the most relevant information